Bluebells Boutique Easy Payment Plan allows you to reserve any full price products with a minimum spend of £50 secured with a 10% deposit with pre order items and 30% items that are already in store .You can spread the cost of your purchase by up to 16 weeks with pre orders and 8 weeks with all other orders before paying the remaining balance and receiving your order. Please include the best number to contact you on in the unlikely event that we may need to reach you.



  • Shop online and simply go through the usual checkout process.
  • On checkout select the Partial.ly option, you will be required to input your payment information along with the term and frequency you wish to repay. Partial.ly helps provide a breakdown of the deposit amount, balance due and the dates which they need to be repaid.
  • Continue to make payment via Partial.ly
  • The first payment is taken at this time, Partial.ly will then setup the remaining  automatic payments to your selected payment method.
  • Your order can be viewed as normal via your account (for account holders only).
  • Your order is dispatched for delivery once full balance has been paid.


  • No refunds will be issued for orders paid using the Easy Payment Plan.
  • Easy Payment Plans must be settled within the agreed time frame from the date of the original order, emails are sent regularly to keep you up to date with payment dates.

  • All deposits and instalments are non-refundable and can not be transferred to another item.
  • We cannot merge or add products to existing orders. If you wish to add new orders you will be required to process a new order. Any delivery charges due will be charged on each individual order. We cannot merge or add to existing agreements, this is due to the way the orders are processed.
  • In the unlikely event Bluebells Boutique discover a stock error we will advise you as soon as possible that the item is unavailable, you will be offered an alternative item or we can remove the unavailable item from your order. Refunds will be issued for single item orders or if the order was paid in full at the time of notice. Please note Easy Payment Plans do not take priority with our picking team, your item is reserved from the website but on rare occasions we may find this item is not available due to theft from our store or error.
  • If the full balance of your order has not been settled within the agreed time frame, Bluebells Boutique will have the right to cancel your order and retain your deposit along with any instalments paid. Orders will only be sent once the full balance of your payment plan term has been settled in full.

  • Easy Payment Plans are what we consider an additional alternative of shopping with Bluebells Boutique, if the service is abused or we cancel three of your orders we may at our discretion remove your right to use the service. We are holding items which take stock availability away from other customers.